ALPINTEC Army Socks 2000 Khaki

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Specially designed socks for the army and for your outdoor activities.

  • Made of the finest cotton
  • Extremely flat toe seam! Eliminates the nuisance of the seams.
  • Anatomic shape "Y" on the heel to hold the sock in place by applying it perfectly to the foot. It also reduces pressures and friction
  • Comfortable reinforced soft rubber hem at the top of the sock to fit on each type of leg without slipping or tightening but with time-resistant.
  • Comfortable full-length, non-slip, ribbed hem. Ensures protection from the uneven surface of the shoe sole and prevents the sock from sliding off the foot.
  • Reinforced seam in selected areas that exert greater pressure and friction for durability and longer durability.
  • Elastic bandage with bandage for supporting the upper part of the foot and leg armpit. It helps to absorb the vibrations from the pressures on the foot and firmly holds the sock on the foot. For a perfect hold on the leg.
  • Complete ventilation panels throughout the body of the sock to remove moisture & sweat of the foot for comfortable walking.

Quality certificate Oeko-Tex standard 100
The Oeko-Tex standard 100 quality certificate ensures the ecological quality standards for all yarns, textiles and other textiles. The yarns and materials used by ALPINTEC carry the above certificate. Still a guarantee of superior quality.


Season: Winter

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