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2 Sterile gauze 5 × 5 cm                                                 5
3 Gaza rapid wound healing 10 x 10 cm                            4
4 Bandage 5 cm X 4 m                                                    1
5 Dressing 7,5 cm X 4 m                                                 1
6 adhesive pad 19 38 mm                                              5
7 adhesive pad 25 x 72 mm                                           5
8 adhesive pad 60 x 100 mm                                        10
9 Adhesive pad for fingers                                              1
10 adhesive gauze finger joints                                       1
11 Adhesive dressing for blisters 5 X 5 cm                        1
12 Suffix with wound dressing 12 x 12 cm                         2
13 Adhesive Tape 2,5 cm X 5 m                                      1
14 Movie convergence wounds (5)                                   2
15 Vinyl Gloves (pair)                                                    2
16 alcohol wipes                                                          10
17 Scissors rescue tender big                                         1
18 Tweezers                                                                1
19 Pins                                                                       6
20 Triangular bandage                                                 1
21 Mask for the kiss of life                                           1
22 Survival Blanket                                                      1
23 1 Thermometer
24 Ointment burns gel 3.5 gr                                       2
25 Gaza burns 10 X 40 cm                                           1
26 Rescue whistle approved type                                  1

There is also space for your personal medication.
The contents of pharmacies can be changed by the manufacturer without notice
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For Cyprus the dispatch becomes a ACS courier . The cost is 8 euros for a kilo package and 1.5 euros for each additional kilo. (These prices are valid only if the order has been paid by credit card or has been deposited in the company's account).

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Transport costs are borne by the buyer if it is for change. (Not applicable when returning to become reasons Liable our company).

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