JIGGING MAJOR CRAFT New Crostage 2.32m 15-60gr

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The first Fullsoli Light Jigging rod series, which appeared in the colorful yellow finishing, is now available by Major Craft in a color, for adults. The matte color and the minimalistic design will bring a breath of fresh air to the Offshore game.

The name Fullsoli came from the slim, yet powerful "Carbon Full Solid" blank and has been chosen by Major Craft to describe a blank which combines tough butt power and a very delicate tip. The key feature of the new Fullsoli rod series is the "Blank Carbon Full Solid" technology, which makes it ultra-thin and slim but at the same time powerful. Solid blanks without cavities are superior in crush strength and are superior in flexural strength, over tubular blanks.

Japanese company Major Craft improved further the blank of the new, Fullsoli Light Jigging rod, to increase the pleasure factor. The blank, compared to the first version, bends even further to reach the butt and gives a different sense of confidence during the fight. When a big fish suddenly strikes, the thrill will let you enjoy the game and immerse yourself in the world of bending jigging games. Major Craft wants you to experience the sense of safety and confidence, that only the Fullsoli rod can offer.

The Major Craft Fullsoli is a rod series developed for advanced users, who enjoy the thrilling fight with the big ones but with light tackle.

Thanks to the use of solid graphite, the rod body has a very small diameter and thus, very low weight. This is the main reason why the new Fullsoli rods are extremely resistant to hard use.


This is the best jigging model for targeting familiar targets such as mackerel, Yellowtail, with light tackle around 80 gr. Even with an unexpected bite from a big fish, this model will let you enjoy an exciting fight with its full solid power. Full solid blank with Tubular blank only in the grip area.

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Fishing Rods Length: 2.40m
Fishing Rods Type: Carbon, Two-pieces

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