Nitecore HC60 V2 1200 Lumens Headlamp

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01. High performance headlamp, recharges its battery via USB-C port

      - Maximum lighting power 1200 Lumens

      - USB-C port for recharging the battery

      - Comes with Li-ion 18650 / 3400mAh battery

      - The maximum operating time reaches 680 hours at very low volume.

02. Maximum brightness 1200 Lumens

      Specially designed for outdoor activities

      Using an OSRAM P9 LED, the HC60V2 has enhanced lighting power of up to 1200 Lumens, improved beam intensity of up to

      the 4,240 candles and improved maximum distance that reaches 130 meters!

03. Recharges its battery via USB-C port

      - The hidden USB-C charging port is very well protected from the complex external environment

      - Automatically stops the charging process as soon as it is completed, to protect the battery and the lens.

04. Extremely long operating time that reaches 680 hours.

      Continuous use for 28 days at very low light intensity.

      - The lens is accompanied by a Li-ion 18650 battery with a large capacity of 3400mAh.

         It is also compatible with 2xCR123 or 2xRCR123 batteries

05. User friendly interface with one switch. Manage :

      - Five (5) brightness levels TURBO 1200 Lumens> HIGH 450 Lumens> MID 250 Lumens> LOW 40 Lumens> ULTRALOW 1 Lumen

      - Three (3) special brightness STROBE 1200 Lumens> BEACON 1200 Lumens> SOS 1200 Lumens

06. Large angle of light beam reaching 100 ° degrees

      Specially designed for outdoor activities, the large lighting angle provided by the optical system ideally covers the field of vision of

      human eyes.

07. Long distance coverage

      The HC60V2 is equipped with an optical system (mirror) that combines in its construction the technology of crystal coating and the

      precision digital optics technology so that it can send the beam up to 130 meters!

08. The elastic and breathable head strap included in the package has a silicone line that leads the sweat away.

      At the back, a newly designed soft pad ensures excellent fit on the back of the head and improves comfort.

09. Vertical rotation of the support base by 180 ° degrees.

      This feature ensures that there will be no blind spots during outdoor activities.

10. The lens mount is ergonomically designed based on the curvature of the skull while also offering excellent anti-slip


11. Lightweight and Durable construction.

      The lens is made of aeronautical aluminum alloy, with hard anodizing finish of military specifications HAIII

      for high protection of internal parts.

12. Advanced Temperature Control (ATR) Function

      Built-in ATR technology adjusts the brightness of the HC60V2 according to operating conditions and the environment

      so as to maintain maximum efficiency.

13. Power indicator light.

       When the battery is inserted, the indicator light under the power switch will flash to indicate the battery voltage

       with accuracy +/- 0.1V

14. Reverse polarity protection

      It is designed to protect the electronic circuit from accidental damage.

15. Memory function

      When the flashlight is turned on again after a long press of the power switch, it will automatically light up in the last memory

      brightness level.

16. Can be used in all weather conditions

      - IPX7 waterproof certification

      - Resistance to falls up to 1 meter high.

17. Table of technical characteristics

18. General characteristics

      - Uses an OSRAM P9 LED with a maximum illumination power of up to 1200 Lumens

      - Maximum beam intensity reaching 4,240 candles and maximum distance reaching 130 meters.

      - Its optical system is made with the combination of crystal coating technology and precision digital optics.

      - Powered by 1x18650 or 2xCR123 batteries with a maximum duration of 680 hours

      - A single switch controls the five (5) lighting levels and the three (3) special brightnesses.

      - High efficiency direct current circuit provides constant lighting.

      - The indicator light below the switch indicates the energy left in the battery.

      - The power indicator light can indicate the battery voltage with an accuracy of +/- 0.1V

      - The integrated Li-ion battery charging circuit has a USB-C port

      - The range of the light beam covers a field of 100 ° degrees, specially designed for outdoor activities.

      - Incorporates Advanced technology

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