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The internal coating is a baked-on enamel finish that is taste neutral and resistant to fruit acids contained in juice.
Leak proof: Seamless construction & screw-top loop bottle cap prevent leaks.
Used to keep beverages fresh for hours.
Lightweight and Strong: Weighs the same as a plastic water bottle, easy transportation and storage.
Screw-top loop bottle cap for hooking to daypack or backpack, with optional drinking lid.
Not suitable for the storage of fuel
Instructions for use:
- For the first usage, please wash the interior with mild detergent
- Dishwasher safe (except for the carabineer
- Not suitable for carbonated drinks
- Keep away from high temperature and high heat
- Not suitable for microwave oven or refrigerator
- Not suitable for boiling water
- Carabineer clip not suitable for rock climbing
Weight: 100g

Bottles Capacity: 0.5lt
Hydration Categories: Hermit Crab

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