UMAREX Co2 GLOCK 17 Deluxe 6mm

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The GLOCK 34 Gen4 Deluxe is made for Airsoft IPSC shooting, where hitting targets is what counts. Its long barrel stabilizes the trajectory of the 6-mm pellets, and the adjustable shoot-up system provides additional accuracy. As for the look and feel, the high quality of this collector’s item is emphasized by the CNC-machined aluminum slide and the total weight, a hefty 695 g. Users will also have no trouble stripping this model. This is a gun you’ll find hard to put down. The blowback produces a realistic recoil when a pellet exits the barrel with a maximum energy of 1 joule. Another highlight is the original gun case, manufactured by GLOCK in Austria.

Caliber 6 mm BB
Magazine capacity 25 shot(s)
Energy < 1,0 Joule(s)
Length 213 mm
Weight 695 g
Airgun Choice: Pistols
Airguns: Co2

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