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EVOLUTION 2-Persons Inflatable Kayak and iSUP

Code: 15668
Aqua Marina
Availability: 1 to 3 days
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From AquaMarina with a 20-year history in paddle sports, comes a product that represents the future.
The EVOLUTION is totally fresh and uniquely fun experience that brings SUP and kayak paddling fun together
unlike any other. Designed for double kayakers, the EVOLUTION has a neat flat bow, great stability, multi-layer
material and air chambers, providing maximum durability. The cockpit can be transformed to a SUP allows paddler to
stand up and glide over the water checking out the scenery.
Evolution is an outstanding 2-person kayak with SUP floor for exploring the great outdoors, traverse streams,
rivers and lakes with the all-in-one gears included.
The kayak floor alone is a smartly designed stand-up paddle board for light weight paddlers under 76Kg.
Unique flat bow design with extended water splash guard.
Adjustable drop-stitch PVC seat with back support.
The kayak cockpit turns into a stand-up paddle board within 5 minutes.
Multi-texture deck pad offers incredible grip and comfort, but eliminating water absorption, making
the board lighter and faster than traditional deck pads.
EVOLUTION – Double Kayak

  • Length: 340cm
  • Width: 105cm
  • Tube dimension: 20cm
  • Max. Passenger: 1+1
  • Capacity: 120Kg
  • Weight: 22Kg
  • Air Chambers: 2
  • Drain Valves: 2
  • Fin System: 2 Center Fins
  • Trolling Motor Mount: Yes

EVOLUTION – Inflatable SUP

  • Length: 295cm
  • Width: 67cm
  • Thickness: 10cm
  • Max. Passenger: 1
  • Capacity: 76Kg
  • Weight: 7,7Kg
  • Air Chambers: 1
  • Volume: 172L
  • Fin System: 1 Center Fin
  • Air Pressure: 15psi

Pack Contains: 16’’ Hand Pump, Travel Carry Bag, Drop-stitch PVC Seats, SUP Deck/Board, 2-in-1 paddle set,
Pressure Gauge, Slide-in Center Fin, Repair Kit, Manual